2021 in Annual Leave: What Lies Ahead?

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LeaveWizard looks in the crystal ball to see what lies ahead in 2021

As we bid a not-too-fond farewell to 2020, thoughts naturally turn to the year ahead, here’s our look at 2021 in annual leave management and what lies ahead. Certain Uncertainty To start with the easiest prediction, even if it is a little trite, a lot of things in the business community will be unpredictable this […]

Free Holiday Planner Keeps You In Control.

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Free Holiday Planner makes tracking leave simple

Every employer needs to make sure that their staff are getting the right amount of holiday that they are entitled to, and to keep track of who’s in the office or out on leave for any given day. There are some great leave and absence management tools available, including our own LeaveWizard tool, but what […]

Staff Working From Home? Let Us Help.

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remote working is up due to coronavirus

LeaveWizard is great for tracking holiday and absence – but it can also track working from home, offsite working and other events. Changing ways of working One effect of the global coronavirus pandemic has been to force the closure of offices and workspaces in many countries. For many firms this resulted in a rapid shift […]

How to Protect Your Team and Your Business From COVID-19

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The new coronavirus, COVID-19 has been spreading around the world, with cases and deaths reported in an ever-growing number of countries. As governments put in place measures to control its spread, many businesses are feeling the squeeze. Advice for employers has been issued by governments around the world, including the UK, Australia, and Canada. Beyond […]