GDPR is Coming in May – Do you have consent?

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GDPR Consent - A guide by LeaveWizard

The European Union’s wide ranging new data protection rules, the General Data Protection Regulation is coming. It is currently being passed into national law by the EU’s 28 member state governments and comes into force on 25th May. In part 3 of our series on GDPR we look at consent, and the other legal reasons […]

GDPR – Are You Secure by Design?

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The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th. These apply to any organisation that holds data on EU citizens. In Part One of our guide to GDPR we told you to calm down, and suggested that you take a look at what you need to do to comply with […]

GDPR is Coming in May – Does it Affect You?

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On 25 May a major shakeup is happening in European data protection rules. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, replacing the current directive which dates back to the nineties, and will be passed into the laws of EU member states. The whole business community seems to be talking about GDPR, not […]

How to Manage Annual Leave in a Startup

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innovation in a startup | Leavewizard Blog

Startups can be hectic organisations. Building your company, its product and its people from scratch is one of the biggest challenges in the corporate world. For many entrepreneurs there is the added difficulty that you are an expert in your technology or service, but have little or no experience of running a company or employing […]

A Holiday Management Solution – Ready to go in Days, not Weeks

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LeaveWizard - An easy solution to holiday management

Implementing a new  leave management solution can sound like a nightmare. You might anticipate downtime for your leave booking system: Hours of training for yourself, your managers and your staff to use the new process, and a mounting backlog of your other work as you focus on getting to grips with the new system. It […]

Why You Should Care About Annual Leave

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Why should you care about annual leave? The LeaveWIzard Blog

Why You Should Care About Annual Leave? For too many managers, annual leave is an afterthought. At best, it is seen as a minor administrative task; at worst, a disruptive obstacle to getting work done. This approach is not healthy for a business, leave is important and should have a central place in your management […]

Five Ways for Self-Employed People Not to Miss Christmas

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Decorate the Christmas tree without the rush this year!

How to manage Christmas when you’re self-employed Christmas is coming and when you are self-employed it can be hard to unwind and enjoy the festivities. We’ve even heard of one self-employed delivery sled driver who works a night shift every Christmas Eve, making millions of deliveries. What’s different? Without the security of paid holidays, or […]

What factors matter most for company success?

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What makes a new business become a success? Twenty years ago Bill Gross started Idealab. He helped launch over 150 start-ups, and had over 45 of them either go public or be acquired. He got curious about why some succeeded and others failed. The startup organisation is one of the greatest forms to make the […]