Employee absence – how does it impact your business?

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employee absence - how does it affect your business | A guide by Leave Wizard Ltd

Absence Whatever business you’re in, if you employ people, the chances are that at some point, absenteeism has caused you a headache.  But are you aware of just what it might be costing you? By absenteeism, we mean unplanned absences. These are distinct from pre-planned leave, sabbaticals or training time. Unplanned absence costs your business […]

How Do You Manage Your Core Team?

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How Do You Manage Your Core Team? Every workplace has a core team – some members of staff who are crucial to success; if nobody does their role or has their knowledge, you simply cannot operate. This is true however much you might treat all employees as equal. Given how important they are to your […]

Are You Ready for the Summer Holidays?

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Are You Ready for the Summer Holidays? The weather’s getting warmer, schoolchildren are getting excited, and you’ve probably found yourself longing to lie on a beach somewhere. All this can only mean one thing; the summer holidays are nearly upon us. For managers this can be stressful, as the hike in the number of staff […]

Does your company use duvet days?

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Does your company use duvet days? A blog by LeaveWizard Online Leave Management Tool

What is a ‘Duvet Day’? One annual leave trend you may have heard of spreading to the UK from trendy Silicon Valley firms is the so-called ‘duvet day’. A growing number of companies allow them, and they often make a statement about the organisation’s culture. This article from the Daily Mail takes a detailed look […]

Upcoming Sports Events – How Can You Embrace Them?

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A summer of sports 2018

Another summer of sports is upon us: test cricket, Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, the British Grand prix, for many people these events mark out the tempo of the British sporting summer. Add in one-off events such as the football world cup, and dedicated sports fans have a busy summer coming up. There are many ways to […]

What is your sickness allowance policy?

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What is your sickness policy? A guide by Leave Wizard Ltd

Managing staff sickness can be tricky. Each day that a team member is not at work is lost productivity and unlike annual leave it is hard to plan for. Most countries have no legal requirement to pay employees for days off due to sickness. This means that there are various approaches to sick leave and […]

The Royal Wedding – How might it Affect Your Business?

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How will the Royal Wedding affect your business?

On 19 May Prince Harry will marry the American actress Meghan Markle. The press has filled with stories of who is invited and who will wear what, and others are starting to plan celebrations and street parties. Big public events can bring staffing problems for companies, as workers wanting to watch the spectacle overload management […]

GDPR is Coming in May – Do you have consent?

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GDPR Consent - A guide by LeaveWizard

The European Union’s wide ranging new data protection rules, the General Data Protection Regulation is coming. It is currently being passed into national law by the EU’s 28 member state governments and comes into force on 25th May. In part 3 of our series on GDPR we look at consent, and the other legal reasons […]

GDPR – Are You Secure by Design?

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The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on May 25th. These apply to any organisation that holds data on EU citizens. In Part One of our guide to GDPR we told you to calm down, and suggested that you take a look at what you need to do to comply with […]