A Holiday Management Solution – Ready to go in Days, not Weeks

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LeaveWizard - An easy solution to holiday management

Implementing a new  leave management solution can sound like a nightmare. You might anticipate downtime for your leave booking system: Hours of training for yourself, your managers and your staff to use the new process, and a mounting backlog of your other work as you focus on getting to grips with the new system. It […]

Why You Should Care About Annual Leave

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Why should you care about annual leave? The LeaveWIzard Blog

Why You Should Care About Annual Leave? For too many managers, annual leave is an afterthought. At best, it is seen as a minor administrative task; at worst, a disruptive obstacle to getting work done. This approach is not healthy for a business, leave is important and should have a central place in your management […]

Five Ways for Self-Employed People Not to Miss Christmas

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Decorate the Christmas tree without the rush this year!

How to manage Christmas when you’re self-employed Christmas is coming and when you are self-employed it can be hard to unwind and enjoy the festivities. We’ve even heard of one self-employed delivery sled driver who works a night shift every Christmas Eve, making millions of deliveries. What’s different? Without the security of paid holidays, or […]

What factors matter most for company success?

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What makes a new business become a success? Twenty years ago Bill Gross started Idealab. He helped launch over 150 start-ups, and had over 45 of them either go public or be acquired. He got curious about why some succeeded and others failed. The startup organisation is one of the greatest forms to make the […]

5 TED talks every HR must watch

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In any business context, regardless of the products or services you offer, one rule applies across the board: people matter. When it comes to business success, your employees are your single most important resource – and one of the costliest, as well. Sometimes HR experts forget that they should not only find the most talented […]

How to deal with an “oh crap!” situation with you SaaS product

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We recently moved our service to a new architecture which allows us to deploy changes several times per day with zero downtime as well as improving our service availability, scalability and performance. In two words – No brainer. As part of the move however we did encounter an incident which presented us with a huge challenge as […]

Is the entrepreneur within you ready for a challenge?

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How exciting! LeaveWizard is looking for a partner. What does it mean to be a partner at LeaveWizard? LeaveWizard is a modern global organisation built on many of the ideas presented by Peter Block in his book “Stewardship” – a nice summary can be found here http://keithdwalker.ca/wp-content/summaries/q-z/Stewardship.Block.pdf We also like being pragmatic, having structure as […]

A new look for your leave management tool

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We have some exciting news! We have been working with an expert user experience designer over the last couple of months to help us improve the look and feel of our application. While the work continues, we are now ready to release our fist “new look” version. ​The majority of changes in this first release […]